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In Loving Memory of
Mrs. Doris Rowe
Mrs. Doris Rowe
  Treasurer and number one supporter of
Caring Kids Youth Ministry for 29 years.
  Forever in our hearts!  
  Message To My Mother  
  An Awesome Mom  
There is no mom more awesome than you;
You reached out so many times just to pull me through
Difficult times when needed you prayed
And Jesus heard you; he came and he aid.

You were more than a mom to me and to others too,
You always had encouraging words to share with everyone you spoke to.
Your love for God shined so bright that people could not help but see
And desired to have the same Godly glow and that definitely included me.

I know you're glad to be in heaven to rest at God's feet in peace,
To see all of your loved ones, while praising God in his heavenly streets.
It was an honor and pleasure to care for you while you were on this earth,
But now I'm glad you've entered in and experiencing a new heavenly birth.

Kiarah mentioned you paid her a visit;
You glowed while showing off your new heavenly wings and white robe;
She explained you looked better than you ever did on this side of the globe.

You were more than an awesome mom to me, you were amazing too,
You had my back no matter what this I can say is true.
God sent me his very best angel on earth if only for a little while,
But decided on the other day it was time for you to smile;
So he swooped down from heaven to reclaim his precious jewel,
To free you from all sickness and pain and an environment that is sometimes cruel,
So now you are in heaven the place we all long to be;
While you're having a great time in heaven with Jesus don't forget to save a seat for me.

Written By Rolanda Rowe-Watkins
Kiarah and I love and miss you Sweetie Peedi!

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