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 Team Bartlett & Moran join Caring Kids in making the season bright for many families Christmas 2010

Sponsors of the Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program
 North Macomb Soccer Club

 Nestico Family

 The Kastens Family

 Robert Booker / Antonia De Azevedo

 The Schaumburger Family

 The Evaluation Group

 Bosco's Pizza Company

 Center For Forensic Psychiatry Staff Members

 Monroe Bank and Trust

 Fort Wayne Contracting Company, Inc.

 Dr. Robin Hibbett

Michigan Wolves East 10/11

Michigan Wolves East 06

Michigan Wolves East 05 Red

Michigan Wolves East 04 Red

Michigan Wolves East 03

Michigan Wolves East 02 Red

Michigan Hawks East 07

Michigan Hawks East 05

Madonna University - Child Development Program

Trinity Health - Talent Acquisition Team

Past Adopters and Other Sponsors
Dr. Basil Abdo

Michigan Hawks East 02

Michigan Hawks East 02 Red

Michigan Wolves East 04

Michigan Wolves East 03 Red

Michigan Wolves East 09

Michigan Hawks East 00

Anita McCauley

Geisha Chestnut

Michigan Wolves East 07

Michigan Wolves East 08

Michigan Hawks East 06

Michigan Hawks East 04

Michigan Hawks East 08

Michigan Hawks East 01

Violet Todorovski

Deloris Hunter

Ashley White

Boscos Pizza/Tyson Foods, Inc. (Team Boscos)

Don Stephens (Team Boscos)

Morgan Family (Team Boscos)

Kennedy/DeArmond Family

Michigan Hawks East 03

Michigan Wolves East 02

Michigan Wolves East 05

Michigan Hawks East 05

Monroe Bank and Trust

Levy & Associates, Inc.


Oz Sheikh

JC Engravings

Dr. & Mrs. Packey

Bosco's Pizza Company

Paul Morgan

Mark Ferrick

Michigan Wolves East 96 Soccer Team

Michigan Wolves East 02 Soccer Team

Michigan Wolves East 03 Soccer Team

Kennedy/Kudsin Family

Brad & Carol Spence

Don Stephens

Monroe Bank & Trust

Kennedy/DeArmond Family

Michigan Wolves East 05 Soccer Team

Kennedy Family

Caring Kids Youth Ministry

Simon Family

Kennedy/DeArmond Family

Credit Acceptance Corporation

Bartlett/Lang Family

Dr. R. Hibbett

Leathers Family

Merlotti Family

Sheppard Family

Yalman Family

Bosco's Pizza Company

Michigan Wolves East 96 Soccer Team

Monroe Bank and Trust

Flag Star Bank

Nestico Family

Campbell Family

Caring Kids


Dr. Julia Davis

Abyssinia Christ Centered Ministries

Ekklesia Evangelistic Ministries

Elim Restoration Ministries

New Detroit, Inc.

Kay Foods, Inc.

Verlena Taylor - Los Angeles, CA

Caring Kids Fundraiser Committee

Dollar Deals - Detroit

Business United With Officers & Youth

Little Champs Restaurant

Fort Wayne Contracting Company, Inc.

Neighborhood Service Organization

Ink Spot Printing Company

North Macomb Soccer Club

Reen's Cakes "N" Things

Phyllis Payton's Superb Cakes

The Kastens Family

Allen Temple CME Church

Shop-A-Rama Food Center

Grand Value Pharmacy

Belle Tire Company

Linda Betty Collins

Eppert Oil Company

Young Crusaders For Christ Ministries

The Michigan Chronicle

African American Family Magazine

Center for Forensic Psychiatry Staff

Denise Crittendon

Little Buds Daycare

Bob Jones

Mr. Foods Company

Rosalyn Emerson

Vorice Wallace

Maxine White

The Law Offices of Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone

Betts Medical Group

The Schaumburger Family

Sonitrol Tri-County

Michele Zettner

Nancy Zettner & Family

The Evaluation Group

Elston Barron

Cleveland Parks

Sherry Thacker

Berndette Holloway

Robert Booker

Antonia De Azevedo

Marcella Breesan

Pamela Tabaczka

Shalon Gates

H M S Host Corporation

Bosco's Pizza Company (web site designer)

DCB MBA Students

Trolley Plaza Market

Praise Assembly Church

Academy of Michigan

Academy of Detroit

Caring Parents

CKYM Board of Directors

Dollar Deals - Livonia, MI

Comcast Cablevision


Federal Collateral

Westland Bakery

Detroit Popcorn Company

Barksdale Funeral Home

Cakes by Nell

Detroit College of Business

Nestico Family

Billy Coleman - Chicago, IL

Douglas Clark

Lin Dee's Unlimited Fashions

Little Bill's Trophies

Bearing Service

Allison Herold

The Monitor

Horst Mann

The Michigan Citizen

Monroe Bank and Trust

Jessie Long-Bey

Silhouette Auxiliary

Kimberely Billings

Ann Arbor Trail

Gloria Bright

Dr. Robin Hibbett

Dr. K. Sanders

Kathleen Rayford

Shiela Barber

Mr. & Mrs. Barber

Sandra Jones

Pamela Pritchett

Sharon Keaton

June Roy

Charisse Herndon

Jerrie Eason

Ann Spratlin

Tonya Spratlin

Natalie Bandele

Dr. Sanders

Michigan Wolves East 96 Soccer Team

The Kennedy Family

Children's Hospital Finance Dept.

The Simon Family

The Hayes Family

Flag Star Bank

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