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Caring Kids History
  At an early age, Rolanda Watkins was given instructions for her purpose in life, which was simply to serve her family and community at large in an attempt to make life easier, happier and more enjoyable for those she serves.

On Sunday morning October 9, 1983, additional instructions were given; the spirit of the Lord paid another visit to Mrs. Watkins, giving her detailed instructions what his mission was for her. Six days later, on Saturday, October 15, 1983, Caring Kids Youth Ministry was born.

The directions were clear and precise - she was informed to gather children together, spend quality and quantity time with each and teach them songs of praise and other talents to perform at various nursing, convalescent, senior citizen, assistant living homes, hospitals and Hospices. This group would be called "Caring Kids" and their mission was then, and is today, to brighten the days of the too often forgotten seasoned "the elderly", the homeless community and battered women and children through song and gift giving. The spirit assured her "he would make the way."

Mrs. Watkins was given even more instructions in the summer of 1987 while preparing to open her family owned restaurant "Downtown Fish & Seafood". Once again the message was loud and clear, "feed my people; the hungry; clothe the naked and assist children in need." This part of the ministry would begin November 1987, and the first free thanksgiving dinner was served on Thanksgiving Day; November 26, 1987 feeding 200 homeless individuals a well-balanced meal; the number has significantly increased, serving as many as 900 individuals in one serving.

Since then the ministry has served thousands of homeless individuals, senior citizens, and battered women and children a well-balanced meal. Once again, the spirit assured her "he would make the way".

The Lord's word is true and he has made the way year-after-year without fail, and today Caring Kids Youth Ministry celebrates continuing God's work in adopting families with children in need of a helping hand at Christmas along with the many Angels we call adopters adopters God sends our way from year to year. The number 33 is a significant number to Caring Kids as the word of God tells us in the Book of Luke chapter 3 beginning at verse 23; how Jesus himself was about thirty years old when he began his ministry ... and continued to walk on Earth three additional years before his crucifixion and Caring Kids celebrated 33 years in ministry on October 15, 2016. We thank God for these years and, if it be His will, the count will continue. For this reason, we want to say "Thank you Lord" for more than 33 years of community service.

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